Crescent Moonlight

level 26


Age 1 month 23 days
Personality pure good
Guild Hetalia
(chief master)
Monsters Killed about 9 thousand
Death Count 6
Wins / Losses 1 / 0
Bricks for Temple 26.2%
Pet Significant otter Toto 8th level


Weapon exacto knife +33
Shield shield of a thousand battles +27
Head helm of clear thoughts +25
Body chain-letter mail +32
Arms attachable limbs +27
Legs hellfire boots +30
Talisman chaplet of destiny +30


  • navel clamp level 14
  • powerful sneeze level 13
  • poisoned kiss level 8
  • slap of the whale level 8




  • Favorite, 2nd rank
  • Builder, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Saint, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Who is the Goddess of Crescent Moonlight?

The Goddess of the heroine is mostly called Lunarea the Goddess of Celestial Bodies. Most people don’t understand what
Celestial Bodies mean but it practically means she is the Goddess of everything in space.
Well actually she just wants to be called
Goddess of Celestial Bodies.
But she is actually known as,
Lunarea the Goddess of Space.
She is a Goddess that floats around space looking for entertainment when she found out about a world where other gods and goddesses comes together to watch their hero or heroine do brave and stupid stuff. She found it entertaining enough and also joined in the chaos.

*Hello! And Welcome!
You might be wondering what this is and you are right for wondering because even I, Lunarea, absolutely have no idea of what I am gonna write here.
I am planning to just make Chapters of topics about my heroine so that you guys can better understand who she is and what is the relationship between us Goddess and Heroine.
Lucky you if you ever stumbled over here and see this because you will now read all the rumbling and grumbling of a Goddess.
Well buckle up your seat belt because you are now going to read
The Legendary Ultimate Omega Mythical Myth of Crescent, and all her stupid decisions.
Chapter 1: A Bit Too Much Beer

Goddess speaking.
This is my first time writing here so I don’t know what to talk about.
The only topic I can think of is about her drinking problem and I am not kidding when I say I have A LOT to talk about.
I always wonder how she can fit all those beer mugs that she drank.
Its not like I am telling her to stop using money for her entertainment,
it’s just hard to see 500+ gold vanish from her pouch in just a few sentences on her diary.
Remind you that this is happening when my heroine is just starting her adventure.
She just bought her first equipment with 200 gold and then wasted 500 gold for a lot of beer, like… WHY! Why will you use more money for beer than better gear! Hell! Even buying healing items will be better than using 80% of you money to buy a crap ton of beer.
I am actually very glad that she has stopped drinking after becoming pure good.
I can see her being able to save more money for her to buy better gear, this will also be able to quicken the time needed to build a temple.
I don’t really care about having a temple but the benefits that will give to both me and my heroine is huge so building it is essential.
To be honest I am glad that this hell is over because if I have to watch her use all of her money for drinking any longer I might have lost it.

Anyways, that is all for this Chapter.

Chapter 2: Stop Wasting Money!

Anyway, see you guys later.

Chapter 3: Stop Making More Friends