level 49

Bluefeather will be proud

Age 9 years 5 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 57 thousand
Death Count 56
Wins / Losses 21 / 41
Bricks for Temple 79.0%
Pet Stripeless zebra Sven


Weapon mace of amnesia +57
Shield prenuptial agreement +59
Head super visor +56
Body lumberjacket +56
Arms monster-allergy bracelet +58
Legs clever clogs +57
Talisman acid rock +56


  • brainstorm level 25
  • powerful sneeze level 19
  • poisoned kiss level 19
  • menacing glance level 17
  • fanned fingers level 15
  • instant hairloss level 14
  • rickrolling level 13
  • lucky hoof level 13
  • electro-broom level 12
  • winged swing level 10


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.


  • Favorite, 1st rank
  • Renegade, 1st rank
  • Animalist, 2nd rank
  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Careerist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

The fire fox has made a fool of me for the last time “watch me my lady! …and you to.” I say looking toward Sooba. “Just… doing my part!” I yell rushing at my enemy. The fire fox grinned, and his snarls sounded like laughter. An orange and red glow began to surround him. Without warning the glow burst forth from him knocking me back. Pain spread through my body I lay limp. Knowing time was running out. With the last of my energy I cried “Just doing my part” as I fling my weapon from my numb fingers in the direction of my enemy I hear a snarl. Dark spots form in front of my eyes. So many I can count 1, 2, 5…a lot they start blending together till I can’t see anything. “Where are the lights?” I cry. Beside me Sooba whines” I made my goddess proud right Sooba?” I ask. I feel a soft thud beside me and wetness on my arm and face. “That’s nice” I say sighing before the darkness took over… and then I was falling…

Where am I… I ask looking around. “Ahh you are awake young one” tis a very good day for the goddess maka has breathed life in to you! …what person smiles you are confused let me help *he then without warning drops to the floor “come sit beside me that alter is not the most commutable place to lay” I stand and consciously sit on the floor beside him. Your name is makson he begins. You have a very important task before you in life. You have been born to become goddess maka’s warrior. To help rid the world of monsters, and to spread word of your goddess. In this world you and others hero’s will come together guides by your God or goddess in an effort to change the world.

I’m only an hour old and I already have a job! monk nods solemnly “yes…a very important job”. I think about it for a min then shrug “ok I’m in” he looks behind me and starts shaking uncontrobly I ignore it. “what do I do first I ask standing. “First you can help by killing that monster!” he yelps pointing out the window where a monster was sniffing around the temple. And thus my life as a hero began. My goddess and I have a on and off relationship. I learned fairly quickly that she come in to my life. When I’m 5pts from dying or when I have money an am in town. Thus in which she steal it all and leaves me only with a gold brick.(honestly what am I going to do with this now I don’t have any drinking money.)accionly when I am resting tin cans, flowers and other inanimated objects come life and start speaking gibberish to me. every once and a while I’m able to make out a few words. But most the time I just tell my goddess I’m to busy to try to understand.

Days flew by and my level ups became longer I was now able to fight at an “arena” where if you won against another hero you would earn another brick and will have to hear your god(ess) voice all over again. The arena is like a nightmare to me I dislike having to strike my opposites and often give up my turn. Trying to be nice… they don’t return the favor and often times the result is bad health, no coins, and not even a brick for my efforts.

Had a quest sent from my goddess to “join blue feather” must be important since she doesn’t command me to do a quest often… finally after 2 ½ days I am finally a recruit for blue feather! time drags on slowly but finally I’m able to have a higher standing in my guild. I hear a loud finally! From the heavens and my goddesses voice saying hello (my goddess who are you talking to?) I hear other voices reply after “welcome”! As clouds start forming above. my goddess if there some type of party going on right now? *from above goddess Erona calls to goddess maka “hay I think your hero needs you” goddess maka looks down her hero is jumping up and down trying to get the goddess attention.* “Oh she’s fine how about another cinnamon roll?

I learned what these bricks were for they are to make a temple for my goddess I am happy to take on this quest. Since all the other heroes are doing it… sold all my loot off to the tavern! runs and trips on a rock her purse flies out of her hands and she hears a loud thunk. She stands brushes herself off. Her wounds maracussly disappear. Picks up her purse and peers in side “my goddess are you happy now that you have a gold brick? Does it matter to you now that I’m poor?! silence (up above gods and goddess are congratsing on maka’s new brick) my goddess there is a fine line between listening and not caring…you seem to walk that line every day. (Party still going on above aurtson just got a brick! Yay! Cheers.

I don’t know when it happened but I am a level 20 as I was about to the fight with a dust bunny I had the uncontrollable urge to let it live and keep it as a pet. I put my weapon away and instead pulled out a coller that suddenly materialized. Nice dust bunny I’m going to call you Sooba. Ouch bad Sooba, no bite Sooba!(party in the heavens makson just got a pet! cheers! “yay!”)

My goddess I am not the best please save me from my own stupidity! *throws 13 coins as donation-just got a letter from a prince in another county looking to smuggle 500 gold bricks out of his home land. He said I can keep enough to help finish my temple if I just send him 750 for shipping and handling! Hope to hear back soon! Hum… no clouds wonder where the gods are today…? That shall be my new quest! (up in the heavens “ok get the brownies ready the blue moon is 3 weeks away” … in celebration of aurtision temple completion were having temple cake!… someone just got another brick!…{normal day for blue feather gods and goddess)

once and a while I would come across a hero being zapped by lightning or is unconfused and sometimes bares words like “should have lessened to me” it was at these times that I truly felt grateful to my goddess and often offer a brief prayer before continuing.


Wind blows swirling gently around the hero makson. Listening closely she can hear the words wake up my hero time to wake up. The wind suddenly gets stronger it picks me up carrying me to the town of godville… I fall to darkness… I awake on an altar. Sooba sensing that I was awake starts jumping excitedly yelping with joy . My goddesses have you ever thought of just letting me die! Up in the heavens I hear my goddess’s voice. “The dangers past I’m going to _ _ _ my hero’s not to know. I suddenly perk up “what am I not to know? Tell me I can keep a secret! In the heavens I hear a chorus of byes! Where are we going great one?