level 46

I think therefore i think

Age 1 year 1 month
Personality gentle
Guild Soshified
Monsters Killed about 50 thousand
Death Count 39
Wins / Losses 9 / 7
Bricks for Temple 88.3%
Pet Solar bear Baloo 5th level


Weapon gentleman's club +55
Shield shield of offense +55
Head moonglasses +55
Body lawsuit +55
Arms bracers of embracing +53
Legs mission briefs +56
Talisman three-sided die +54


  • palm of the panda level 23
  • heel grip level 20
  • liana-eyebrows level 19
  • battle chess level 18
  • chakra bending level 17
  • mass effect level 15
  • stifling embrace level 14
  • bloody itch level 13
  • pseudopod attack level 12
  • Cheshire smile level 9




  • Builder, 2nd rank
  • Favorite, 2nd rank
  • Animalist, 3rd rank
  • Champion, 3rd rank
  • Hunter, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank
  • Renegade, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

About Hero

Gabriel is the last member of the royal family from which came many famous heroes, but with many enemies who swore to end their line. Once, they gathered together and started to kill one by one member. Gabriel’s mother, knowing this will be the end, gave her baby to adoption, not telling anyone about baby’s origin. When Gabriel came to age and started going into heroic quests, his mother started apearing in his dreams telling him bit by bit story of his origin. When he found proof that his dreams are real, he swore to devote his life to heroism. The name of his family is M… It shouldn’t be revealed for hero’s safety.

Although he inherited many physical and mental traits of his father ( former head of M family), some traits are from his mother. First things you would notice are his upturned nose and his almost glowing green eyes. He has white skin (standard Caucasian color), short light brown hair with bangs falling to his forehead and short beard of the same color. With height about 193 cm (6 ft 4 in), and weight of 106 kg (235 ib), he is little overweight, but that won’t stop him to become a great hero (not only in mass).

Finding his god

Not much has passed since our hero started going on quests when his first near-death experience happened, he was fighting a monster too strong for him and it managed do wound him severely. Gabriel was lying on the ground and monster was preparing to finish him, hopeless he prayed in his head for someone to save him. Suddenly his amulet, that belonged to his father (one of the artifacts of the M family) started to glow, time suddenly stopped, everything became grey and before him appeared shining figure dressed in white. “So we finally meet” he said, “you are my chosen hero, i was by your side from your birth, but because of your ignorance to my existence i was unable to interfere up until now, when you tried to pray”, after he looked around to see where he is, the god said:“i do not blame you for not knowing, so i will explain it to you. My world exists in a parallel plane that coexist with your world, we can interfere as long as you believe in us and pray to us, your family knew this so they made an alliance with my family so that everyone of then is to be granted personal god from my family, we are the ones, that chose which one we will oversee, our task is to guard you and to help you, your task is to pray and entertain us by fighting and going on quest, every family member gets a medallion that serves as our anchor to this world and a diary that is given to the hero by the god, that diary serves as a communication device, everything you write in it we can see at any time, so if you need help you only need to pray and write in diary what you want, do not worry i will not judge you so do not be afraid to write everything that happens to you.”, after finishing his speech god gave him the diary and put his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder, healing energy started to surge into hero, and wounds started to mend. “I am fine again”, said the hero and got up from the ground. God started to disappear giving his last words:" You will not see me for sometime, but do not worry, i will always be with you, you will even hear my words sometimes through nature." with this god vanished and colors returned to the landscape. Monster started to move again, but the hero wasn’t afraid anymore, with newfound faith and meaning he attacked the monster killing him in one blow. He decided that he will count this monster as his first kill, and his next quest as his first, because he knew in his heart (although his intelligence didn’t allow him to completely understand) that now his god can even save him from death itself.

To be continued…