level 76

Why So Serious?

Age 7 years 11 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 186 thousand
Death Count 67
Wins / Losses 81 / 36
Temple Completed at 05/27/2012
Wood for Ark 30.5%
Savings 4M, 224k (14.1%)
Pet Hyper lynx Baloo


Weapon mace of spades +83
Shield smug self-righteous attitude +84
Head impure thoughts +84
Body dress rehearsal +85
Arms planetary rings +85
Legs laughing stockings +83
Talisman green thumb +86


  • cri de coeur level 69
  • steel finger level 58
  • thumb blowing level 58
  • spontaneous combustion level 55
  • unbearable boredom level 48
  • win on points level 44
  • powerful sneeze level 43
  • full throttle level 40
  • backyard portal level 31
  • tin throat level 29




  • Honored Favorite
  • Animalist, 1st rank
  • Builder, 1st rank
  • Careerist, 1st rank
  • Invincible, 1st rank
  • Renegade, 1st rank
  • Champion, 2nd rank
  • Coach, 2nd rank
  • Fiend, 2nd rank
  • Hunter, 2nd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank
  • Shipwright, 2nd rank
  • Raider, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Once upon a time, D-Envy create DNV.

At 365 days, DNV celebrated his birth to godville by building a temple to honor D-Envy 14:37: Dearest diary, today was the day! I carefully laid the last brick, swept all the rooms, opened all windows to let your glorious light shine in. I can’t believe it, your temple is finally finished, my Lord! I feel delirious with happiness.

Pet progress

After one year of accompany. DNV 02:32 PM Judging by Pumba’s face I think he’s tired of me. I guess it’s time to finally set him free. Farewell, Pumba! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!

1 month lvl 12 09:09: Scraped together 5116 gold coins and managed to persuade the priests to revive my pet. Oh, Pumba, I’ve missed you so much!

14 days old 19:28: Desperately praying and sacrificing, I made a small miracle and resurrected my pet. Pumba, I’m so glad to see you!

At six month lvl 28 this happens in my third eye while sleeping

00:09: The Stunt Double Agent raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Pumba suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Pumba was knocked out by the hit of the monster’s carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don’t bring him back to his senses in time, he’ll lose all his levels and his will to compete!


05:45: Desperately praying and sacrificing, I made a small miracle and healed my pet’s heavy wounds. Pumba, I’m so glad to see you in good health!


Six month old and finally lvl30 and a pet badge. 03:39: Either Pumba’s suddenly gotten bigger or I’m shrinking. Either way, I’m going to have to start showing him a little more respect.

At level 37 in 24 hours time almost die for two times.

22:28: Just as the Bear Minimum was about to finish me off, Pumba gamely threw himself head-first at the creature, killing it instantly. He’s been stupefied since, with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out. I promise I’ll heal you, my brave, loyal solar bear, if it’s the last thing I ever do!


05:01: A high priest rolled up his sleeves and slapped Pumba, instantly bringing my beloved solar bear back to consciousness! At least, I think he was a priest… Paid him 15110 coins anyway. Oh Pumba, how I’ve missed you!


11:10: The Notary of Death raised its hand for a deadly final strike, but Pumba suddenly flung himself at the monster’s feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, breaking its neck. Good job, Pumba! You’ve saved my life and thanks to your medal you didn’t even hurt yourself!

Random Diaries

Aureferous leeching ROCKS16:12: Notes from the battlefield: The heroes brought together by the common destiny have defeated the Hulking Auriferous Leeching Alpha Mole! DNV became the owner of 13749 coins, ear of the Alpha Mole, a golden brick and a box of sins.

The most for hair 15:34: When the trader saw my lock of Lazlo’s hair, he began to hyperventilate. Pointing his shaking finger at it, he exclaimed, “That is… That is…” and handed me 8045 coins without further delay.

17:59: Felt a burning desire to disassemble the mystery box. Found inside something unbelievable — a scroll with instructions on how to get a premature level up!

Extra death 20:47: Felt a burning desire to examine the box with a question mark. Sadly, a notarized death certificate was inside. Strange, I don’t recall that particular death, but it’s simply impossible to appeal a notarized certificate.

No money spent on praying 07:56: After my prayers, the priest told me that everything is the will of the Great One, but he didn’t specify which one exactly.

Cheapest gold spent on praying. 10:34: Spent many long hours praying. Endowed the temple with 5 coins.

Most spent so far 07:59: I offer 5137 coins to thee, my Lord!

0 to 100% godpower. 21:57: Uh-oh. Fell asleep during my prayers. Wiped the drool from my face and hastily donated 2125 gold coins in the hopes that the Almighty was busy plaguing some distant land.

Love the number 15:31: Spent 6666 gold coins on an extra spicy meal to impress the other heroes in the tavern. Had to quickly gulp down the contents of Pumba’s milk bowl to douse my burning mouth. Sorry, my sweet, hungry solar bear!

What a waste 19:32 Paid a guruy 8079 coins to help me overcome my compulsive urge to waste money.

The best arena entry: two health item, one bold item and one golden brick: Scratched under my armor and found a vial of vitamin C++, a bottle labeled “Eat me”, and an Encyclopedia Heroica. Wow, there was also a golden brick! Maybe I don’t need to fight anymore?

Interesting third eye. 14:13: Walked into an abandoned shrine. Felt bored, gave a quick prayer and found myself surrounded with an aura of huckstering. Awesome.

16:59: The sight of my priceless gift was far too much for the trader to bear. While he was unconscious, I completed the transaction myself and gained 5202 coins.

Temple benefit

extra charges 14:35: Wow, there are loads of people praying in my temple! My god ought to get something special for this.

extra experiences 02:51: I placed ten bags of gold on the sacrificial altar and offered a quick prayer to my Lord asking for a better life… It worked! I felt my experience bar slightly increase uin size.

To be continued

DNV’s deeds

07/26/11 07:28AM can duel with friend with condition both god is online and agree to duel. would be fun to see whose hero is stronger

How did DNV build a temple

this is a non paying way for DNV never charges I know i’m not the fastest or most efficient heroes but I manage a minimal 3 bricks a day. On a good day, i could get around 7-10 bricks. That’s above average.

1. Encourage/Punish in town when above 3000 gold. ONLY Encourage/Punish during trade period. Those period could net you items and gold. Preferable small town. Those extra influences could net you GOLD or items when you visit next time. Every little bit help.

2. Save charges around 3-5 charges. Never know when you gonna need those charges. for example: alchemical transmuter/ philosopher stone or even better a mini-boss that carried golden bricks and bunch of bold items.

3. Voice command especially “dig”, “search for treasure” while idling. I.E. not fighting a monster or healing. The best moment i like is when you complete your quest and on the way back to capital.

4. Supporting your hero when fighting a Satan Claus or most wanted monster especially those who drop bricks. A VC like “smite it, my hero” combine with punish could hasten the fight immensely. Of course Encourage when your hero is low on health while fighting those monsters.

5. For those who has tons of charges, Arena is a faster way to get bricks. For more info how to fight effectively, please join Knights who say Ni guild by using this command “stop quest and join ‘Knights who say Ni’ guild”. The knights in guild council are active and willing to help.