level 27


Age 7 years 11 months
Personality neutral
Guild no guild
Monsters Killed about 14 thousand
Death Count 19
Wins / Losses 0 / 3
Bricks for Temple 11.5%
Pet Rocky raccoon Iago


Weapon dwarf bread +31
Shield personal-space bubble +34
Head pirate eye patch +31
Body steam-powered exoskeleton +33
Arms purity rings +31
Legs nuclear-powered boots +35
Talisman chaplet of destiny +30


  • mosquito roar level 17
  • rickrolling level 8
  • smack of the bribe level 8
  • sober view level 5
  • rays of love level 5


Hero has yet to take places in pantheons.


  • Favorite, 2nd rank
  • Renegade, 2nd rank
  • Builder, 3rd rank
  • Martyr, 3rd rank

Hero's Chronicles

Nandon was wondering through the forests when a figure appeared it seemed ready for a fight of some kind so nandon attacked not knowing this creature was the god barakahs. No sooner had nandon killed it was he sucked into the heavens where barakah sat at a goolden throne….”you kill my pet. Thus by the law of the gods you will surve me now and be reborn as a evil power of myself” barakah said “erm ok?” Nandon said “and if you don’t follow my orders you will be struck by lightning” barakah said “wait what?” Nandon asked as a bolt of lightning struck him ” oh” nandon said puffing out black smoke “I see” nandon said before he blacked out. Nandon woke up in a strange temple or rather where a temple could be built now it was just a line in the dirt with a sign saying temple of Barakah building in progress. “What do I do now?”Nandon asked standing up. A bolt of lightning struck nandon again “Nandon you will build a temple of gold in my honor.” Nandon scowled “real gold?” “What else you insulant fool”Barakah asked sending another bolt of lightning that misses “NOW GET GOING!”barakah shouted at nandon who stood up and walked away.Nandon threw himself at every foe that he felt like attacking and every now and again he gained a gold block which the first time he found one he lifted it and dropped it at once” This thing is heavy how am I going to haul this way back there”( for the record it was just 5 feet from the temple) “I don’t care just do it!”Barakah shouted down at nandon shooting a lightning bolt at the gold block which heated it so much that it melted then formed around nandons hands and thus was known from then on as Nandon gold fists.And for which barakah punished him highly and soon nandon grew spitefull of the god and finaly growing used to the god he became wicked using the punishment to his advantage.Untill finally barakah sent nandon to the arena to represent him against the other gods. Nandon lost horibly and that along with barakahs punishment and the other heroes jeering nandon became a hopeless drunk often times spending thousands of gold on beer even though barakah frowned on this he could do nothing as nandon had grown used to the lightning bolts untill barakah sat helpless in the sky. But then nandon hit level 12 and join The Harvest Moon guild even though barakah had to basicly throw him in there this gave nandon the push he needed to stop drinking so then in stead of thousands of gold nandon spent hundreds and he also started fighting monsters again and he began rebuilding the temple ( all the blocks had been stolen from the temple) Then one day as nandon wandered the forests he met another hero. Her name was lisaAlexandra Nandon stopped stairing at her. Then uttering the war cry of barakah nandon charged into what became a battle of epic preportions that lasted 3 days. On the first day lisa alexandra faught a merely defensive battle and tried to talk nandon out of his war like state which failed. Then on the second day seeing she had failed she faught back and the forces displayed as both gods pumped energy into there heroes was giagantic it uprooted trees blinded the deef and made the blind deef. The finally on the third day both heroes where exhausted then nandon gained a advantage but instead of taking it he fell backwards so tired he was painting then finally sitting up he said “You are a worthy foe…. can I treat you to a beer.” So Nandon treated lisa Alexandra to a beer and they quickly became friends and frequently faught others in the arena often fighting together and fending off the hordes that came forward and they developed a mutual trust for each other. Then one day nandon was called off on a mission for Harvest Moon and when he came back she was gone. When he asked around he discovered she had been eaten by a multii legged suitcase.