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Godville, Apr 05 2016

Today’s update is for our beloved gods playing on a PC. The hero’s web page got a bunch of brand new features and under-the-hood improvements:

  1. Easy crafting feature has finally come to the web browsers – flick though the inventory with your mouse to check what’s craftable.
  2. God voice field in the Remote Control is now multilined, which is very handy for the new easy crafting feature.
  3. You can spot monsters wanted in Godville Times by a skull sign next to the monster’s name.
  4. Dungeon maps got a spring facelift and sprouted themed colors, a couple new icons and a brand new feature (inspired by sailing) – just click on the map cell to send a direction voice quckly.
  5. Web links in messages and Guild Council are now clickable. Also the messaging window got a nice popup menu, with some old stuff along witha new option to spar a friend right from there.
  6. If you’re using Firefox web browser, make sure to check out new WebPush notification feature in the hero’s page settings. Unlike the old notifications, new ones can work even when the hero’s page is closed. Also there are few additional notification options and you can subscribe for the forum topic notifications too! For now, this feature works only in Firefox 44 or higher, but hopefully other web browsers will support it too.

Btw, did you enjoy April Fools special? While we’re not sure if or when we’ll see it again, one feature from it is here to stay – whenever you vote for somebody’s god voice (both upvotes and downvotes) you’ll get a small drop of godpower. And remember, when a god voice is well liked by others the author may get a much more noticable godpower boost.

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Brinjal 4 Apr 05 2016 17:57

As a god who often uses the PC, this is a great update to see! Thanks, devs! And I hope the april fools bingo comes back in some form. Someone suggested inventing your own holidays themed around the in-game towns, and celebrating them with voicy bingo.

Apathanos 6 Apr 05 2016 17:59

Dungeon maps got a spring facelift and sprouted with themed colors, couple new icons and a brand new feature (inspired by sailing) – just click on the map cell to send a direction voice quckly.

Just curious, what does this mean for disobedience dungeons?

Moop Boop Apr 05 2016 19:06

I’m an android user, so I won’t be able to use the new PC features, but they look nice all the same.

I can’t wait until we see Voicy Bingo again!

Jeime Tenro 5 Apr 05 2016 20:04


Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Apr 05 2016 20:09

Another great update! Voicy Bingo would be great to have again.

Okidokidoc Apr 05 2016 21:00

Most excellent! ??????????

LisaDreams 6 Apr 06 2016 00:15

Love being able to more easily keep track of the traps, both to avoid and to run over them again =)

Arthuri Victori 4 Apr 06 2016 04:34

You made my dungeon ugly. My phone can’t see those beautiful icons of traps.

Brinjal 4 Apr 06 2016 17:11

After seeing the wanted monster in-game, I have to say it looks a bit odd in the diary entries and earthly news:

Made the mistake of looking for a gift in the mouth of a ☠ Sabertooth Fairy. Now it wants to fight me.

Perhaps it’s be better to make them just have “Wanted” before their name. (Like how we have monsters with “Smith” “Questing” and other things before their names.)

Dana Bernard Jul 13 2016 23:29

i love your crafting on facebook

Angelsmark00000000 Oct 01 2016 10:07

Hi all

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