Godville, Mar 23 2016

Let’s talk about the Arena today. Although it is already quite entertaining, there was this feeling that it needs to be more ZPG-friendly. One god may wish to bet on luck, but the other might have another plan. It’s time to bring in some justice here. Introducing a brand new Arena mode, with no influences or godvoices – a Zero Player Game as it is!

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. The heroes sent to ZPG-Arena won’t match those sent to the regular Arena, so no worries here.
  2. For now, ZPG duels won’t have extra rules or conditions of the regular Arena (like extra bricks to the loser).
  3. Due to the effortlessness of ZPG-duels, there is no free accumulator charge given for winning (although the winner will still restore 100% godpower).
  4. Arenalin artifacts and the like can’t be used for sending to ZPG-Arena.
  5. All other aspects of Arena fights are still hold true: pantheons, achievements and win/lost stats.

Enough about rules – how to get into this ZPG-Arena? There is no new button in the Remote Control, so here is how it will work with the old button. If you send your hero to Arena during the first 5 minutes of each hour (e.g. from 10:00:00 till 10:04:59, 11:00:00 till 11:04:59, etc) and confirm that you want ZPG-Arena you’ll get there. Outside of this 5-minute interval all fights will be held on the old and usual Arena, the one with the influences and stuff.

Make sure to use the latest app, because the old versions may throw some errors. (Also the game checks the time interval based on the UTC time, so for the folks living in the +30 min time zones the local time will be shifted: 10:30:00 – 10:34:59, etc).

Finally, we’d like to remind once again that the heroes’ levels and equipment are totally not important in the arena and won’t affect the fight’s outcome. Yes, even if it’s x3 times better.

Lucky dueling, everyone!

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Bigbeerman 6 Mar 23 2016 15:29

Errrm, “Duels are temporarily unavailable”. How we can to test it? :)

Almighty Deniss Mar 23 2016 15:45

Cool thing out there. I will try it after 15 mins :P

Almighty Deniss Mar 23 2016 16:08

It didn’t matched me with anyone, meh.

Randomgodname2k14 Mar 23 2016 16:11

nice one, dang missed it by 5 minutes :(

Pksii 5 Mar 23 2016 16:14

Tried to send at :01 and :03 but didn’t get a confirm zpg option either time. I also don’t see any updates for the app (android).

Godville 6 Mar 23 2016 16:22

“Tried to send at :01 and :03 but didn’t get a confirm zpg option either time.”

ZPG-confirm is after the regular arena confirm.

Jenaje 6 Mar 23 2016 16:27

Didn’t get matched during ZPG time either.. So no special rules yet, does that mean no logs for temple owners?

Ruby Princess 4 Mar 23 2016 16:47

I like the idea of totally zero player influence kind of areana. However to be able access this areana every first 5 minutes of the hour sound a little restrictive to me. I’d like the option to be available for all times before trying it out =)

Miauuuuu Mar 23 2016 17:14

Nice option.

Currently two flaws:

1) So you can enter god commands and restore your GP in those duels? And having all the buttons? Maybe make it more clear: remove Encourage/Punish buttons, also remove the “Restore” button (as user cannot do anything anyway).

2) So those people playing this as real ZPG are those you have their alarm in a 5 minute spot to start duels? Come on. Add a separate button, or make it that the non-ZPG players have a five minute spot — as those are the hardcore players those most likely those who even notice there is a time based system. Conclusion: add buttons.


Quoki Mar 23 2016 17:14

Cool feature! Thanks a lot) I hope there will be people there…

Maouu Mar 23 2016 17:33

Great! Can’t wait to try it, thanks for the neat update! :)

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Mar 23 2016 18:03

This seems like a feature I might be using often. :D

Zekita 6 Mar 23 2016 18:22

In the zpg spirit of the game it’s a nice improvement. For non templed heroes it’s somewhat good, it may improve the chances of getting a brick from win,but it takes away the chance of getting one just for entry so it probably won’t improve the rate of getting bricks. And there’s no extra charge for winning so that’s a big con. For templed I see no benefits,yet. As it is it holds no interest to me and most non paying actives I dare say. It might even make me lose interest in regular arena, if most regular afks go for zpg, since I use it in large part for farming. And I’m not just saying this because I lost the first zpg duel to Godville and Godville Admin,I’m totally over that:P

Cdads Mar 23 2016 21:42

Why not add a knew button? What if someone only has a bit, and it is 13:12?

Ajokitty Mar 23 2016 22:34

I agree with Miauuuuu, and will probably use this very often.

Mulletron Mar 23 2016 22:46

Hmmmmn… If you have to confirm that it’s a ZPG option you wish to choose… Then, isn’t it? Just saying.

Bust It Baby 6 Mar 24 2016 04:59

Awesome idea! I’m excited to try this out.

Feelin’ lucky, punk?

The Divine V Mar 24 2016 06:50

Just finished a regular arena duel. Won the match, but didn’t receive an accumulator charge, nor did my GP recharge to 100%.

Hit you Mar 24 2016 07:43

I think this is a good idea for those of us who don’t spend money on accumulator charges or have a lot of them…

So thanks Godville (who ever you are) for making the game better for everyone…

Just one problem i think there should be a button for the zpg arena

Hit you Mar 24 2016 07:48

Ps just to make it easier to get to

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