Trail and Catch

Godville, Feb 23 2016

While the happy ark owners were busy searching for booty in the open sea, everybody else back in Godville was wondering about their progress. Guess no more – it’s time to drop the drapes from the newly opened Pantheon of Catch and see it all by yourself. The zest of this pantheon: it counts only the full pairs of both manimals and fenimals.

Secondly, it will be helpful to address some unexpected confusion, which happened after recent addition of fishing. There was an old aura of baiting, which helped the heroes to find monsters of the day, monsters with special abilities or tame a pet, but it didn’t actually do anything with the real fish. From now on, this old aura will be called the aura of trail. Since the nature abhors a vacuum, there ought to be a new aura of baiting, but this time around it will help the heroes to get a better catch and make them fish more often.

Comments (19)
Kingdada 6 Feb 23 2016 12:58

Thank you with the pantheon! Appreciate that alot :D

Mallorn Feb 23 2016 12:59

Keep up the good work!

Alistin 5 Feb 23 2016 12:59

Good news ) Thanks )

Sniper404 6 Feb 23 2016 13:00

Here fishy fishy

Treezz Feb 23 2016 13:01

Sounds good to me

Okidokidoc Feb 23 2016 13:18


High king of undies 4 Feb 23 2016 13:26

Nice update! Can’t wait to finish my ark.

Divine Noel Feb 23 2016 13:45

Nice! :) Still waiting for my temple to finish hahaha

Naturalblondechick Feb 23 2016 14:02

Thanks for the update Devs. Although matching is still tough for sailing, perhaps the Pantheon will get more to send. People can also look here – – for sailing partners.

Gamzee Feb 23 2016 14:06

Excited for this update!! Time to get my fish on~

Dogess 5 Feb 23 2016 16:32

Wonderful! You guys rock!

Mordac 4 Feb 23 2016 17:13

I’m all for the Great Random and its inscrutable— er, randomness, but how about making it so heroes can’t use BOSS TROPHIES and GOLDEN BRICKS as fishing bait? Please?

Thorbjoern 5 Feb 23 2016 17:41

Yay, new stuff \(^-^)/ a neat little extra. Npw i just need more fish…

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Feb 23 2016 18:31

Cool! A new pantheon! I was wondering when this would come. I have a hunch about who’ll be on top when I check it…

The new aura sounds cool as well!

ThunderMe Feb 24 2016 15:31

Thanks for always working so hard to make this a fun game!

Peeblesthegod Feb 27 2016 04:17

Nice addition. :D The new aura sounds good as well as the pantheon (even though my heroine sucks at fishing lol) Keep up the good work guys!!

George the God of Aa 4 Mar 05 2016 10:05

Great! Now I only need to finish the last 94.7% of my ark ^^

LunarEklipse Mar 07 2016 14:14

Well, hearing new people complain about why they couldn’t catch anything on the aura of baiting makes this a lot better to me. Nice change!

Chptr google yung May 14 2016 13:05

Its like a game coclld class off calns deranged misseyuiyeeveaq

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