A Long Time Ago…

Godville, May 10 2013

…in a frosty kingdom predominantly famous by its bears, vodka, and balalaikas, Godville was born. It was the year of 2007 and back then Godville was mostly in Russian, just as we are (surprise!). In 2010, after several years of steady development the English Godville came to life. It happened to be precisely three years ago, which means that today is the day of our Three Year Anniversary!

So, let’s raise our newly replenished remote controls and celebrate this very special and dear occasion. Long live Godville, its towns, monsters, heroes and, of course, dear gods and goddesses! May the Godville divine force be with you!

Obviously, Godville improved a lot through all these years and today it’s a great cause for a few more nice additions. The “Godville Times” has got a cruciverbalist and an astrologist on staff, so from now on there will be two very important new columns in our Beloved newspaper:

  • Daily Astrology Forecast – Check out this new pseudo-scientific report to know what good, bad or just weird stuff is coming to your hero today. The heroes are quite credulous to astrology, so if your champion is not acting as usual make sure to check the daily forecast for an answer.
  • Daily Crossword – Show the world your knowledge of Godville game world by solving this word puzzle AND give an aura as a reward to your hero too! The faster you solve the crossword the longer aura might work.

In the meantime, spring is already in full bloom, which means it’s perfect time for Spring Content Cleaning. Check out this forum topic to suggest which game content should let go.

Thanks for being with us! Happy New Godville Year!

Comments (93)
GOD OF ALL GODVILLE May 10 2013 21:14

HBD godville

The Chosen Ant May 10 2013 21:16

Happy Birthday Godville! :D

Krahne May 10 2013 21:39

Thanks for a great no-play game and the extra charges!

Mazzy May 10 2013 21:44

One word: Hooray! Happy birthday, Godville!

Brinjal 5 May 10 2013 21:50

In Soviet Russian Godville, hero punishes you! Happy birthday godville! And thanks for the charges! Maybe I can save them for a time when they’re needed… or maybe I’ll just go nuts and see if I can make my hero pure good!!

Der Moerder May 10 2013 21:59

Actually russain godville has had spring cleening for a while

Iduna May 10 2013 22:18

Thanks and Happy anniversary this is just further proof that I am playing the most awesome game ever!

All Mighty Joyce 5 May 10 2013 22:20

Wonderful game, happy to be a part of something like this.

Jimbob64 6 May 10 2013 22:24

Brilliant! Thanks for all of it- can’t wait to check out the crossword, among several other things. And again, thank you for keeping the game not only running smoothly, but fresh and interesting as well.

Kayshan May 10 2013 22:26

Feliz Cumpleaños, Godville!

Chaos Lord Cthulhu 4 May 10 2013 22:28

Happy Anniversary Godville! I can’t wait to check out the new Astrology and Crossword, and I guess this explains the mysterious 30 charges!

Katie Scarlett May 10 2013 22:31

Wow! We got wonderful surprises for Godville’s B-Day. Thanks devs! To echo a tagline to the Happy Birthday song….aanndd many-y-yy mo-o-r-rrre":D

Lady Darkness May 10 2013 23:01

Happy Godiversary!!!

Azzageddi 6 May 10 2013 23:24

Whoo! Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!! Happy birthday!!!

Raziya May 10 2013 23:31

Happy birthday, Godville :)

Oracle Moonstar 4 May 10 2013 23:37

Happy happy birfday!!! Love the game! keep up the amazing work!! <3

Ludwig Beck May 10 2013 23:46

saeng-il chug-hayo! Happy birthday Godville!!!

Stevie1 May 11 2013 00:00

Thanks for the free charges!! Happy birthday! I’m proud to have been with you for half as long as you’ve been a game.

MORE Fun Man May 11 2013 00:12

Happy birthday! Thanks for the charges! I used 12 of them against a boss-monster!

Kingdada 6 May 11 2013 00:18

Happy Birthday,生日快乐,Selamat Hari Jadi!

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