Godville, Oct 30 2012

Strange things are happening throughout Godville as All Hallows’ Eve approaches the doorstep. According to recent field reports, some monsters have discovered new undead powers, forcing the heroes to kill them twice. The dark powers have reached underground bosses as well, empowering them to make profit off divine encourages and occasionally even turning everything into gold.

Meanwhile, heroes are becoming more afraid of death themselves, due to more frequent reports of resurrection side effects. These can leave lingering traces on heroes in the form of a new aura. This power is capable of killing some sensitive monsters-species on the spot, taking away from heroes the good old pleasure of fighting.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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The Chosen of Dallas Oct 30 2012 17:01
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I, for one, welcome our new zombie overlord masters.

Great job Devs on continuing to keep it interesting!

Kons Oct 30 2012 17:09
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Sounds fun

Marthter Oct 30 2012 17:23
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Oooh special treats for killing undead monsters too. Thanks devs!

The Good Doctor Oct 30 2012 17:38
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You know, as a Zombie Hunter, I’m still trying to figure out whether I should be offended by this or not. I’ll just assume it’s actually a good thing and not an attempt at aiding my mortal enemies. So, once again, thanks Devs!

…But I’m watching you.

Iduna Oct 30 2012 18:47
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Budapesties Oct 30 2012 18:48
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Inebriate Oct 30 2012 19:12
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Nice work – look forward to it!

Audial Oblivion Oct 30 2012 19:30
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I’m loving this little update. Got two bricks from Golden pumpkins already, even if bricks are near enough useless to me now :)

Lady Darkness Oct 30 2012 20:12
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Oooo! Zombies! Love it!

Deluxkandi Oct 30 2012 20:19
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I love it! Great job!

MasterOfShadows Oct 30 2012 20:43
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I grabbed my shotgun and harvested some pumpkins… Love ’em! Great work again!

Cleophas Oct 30 2012 23:03
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Too much fun, I love Halloween! Thx Devs!

Muhammad Haziq Oct 31 2012 00:11
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I’m ready

Hershey Almighty Oct 31 2012 01:35
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Awesome!!! Thanks devs! Loving the golden pumpkins too :-)

Blissful 1 Oct 31 2012 02:02
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OOooooo—Love the golden pumpkins! What fun!

MzGlow Oct 31 2012 02:54
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Gracias!!! Great fun..

Spankilly Oct 31 2012 10:42
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Just got a new aura….can’t wait to use it!

Epona Dernhelm Oct 31 2012 13:42
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Have to agree the golden pumpkins are inspired

Ty For The Salmon Oct 31 2012 13:47
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Is it temp or permanate?

Minikhan Oct 31 2012 18:56
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Thanks for the treat!

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