Godville, Aug 03 2012

The last few weeks turned out to be quite productive – pet variety has increased (thank you all for your suggestions!), the game got yet another bunch of new phrases and content (credit and thanks to all players and ER voters) and the forums finally became more mobile-friendly (if you have any thoughts on mobile forums please share those in comments).

Everyone loves it when things work better than they did before and we’re no exception. That’s why in a few hours we’re going to fiddle around a bit with our servers to make them work better. That will cause interruptions and game availability issues, but hopefully most of you will hardly even notice :)

NOTICE: Due to the maintenance, the game won’t be available on Aug 4, starting at 3 AM (Pacific Time, GMT-7) for approximately 2 hours. We’ll update this post once everything is finished.

UPD: Everything seem to be up and running, but if you run into new issues let us know via ideabox.

UPD: Sorry folks, but some heroes were inaccessible today due to some sudden server hardware uprising, Luckily, humans have won this time, so everything is back to normal.

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Nuanen Aug 03 2012 22:32
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Thanks for the heads up!!! Anywhere to find a list of the new possible pets?

De3eptup Aug 03 2012 22:49
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Jbcdu87 Aug 03 2012 22:54
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Oki doki loki! Thanks for telling us in advance!

Starryshine Aug 03 2012 23:15
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Yay! Looking forward to seeing new pets!

Gorgeous George Aug 03 2012 23:22
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I like beer.

Xzzwxs Aug 04 2012 00:13
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And the winners of the new “Monster as Pet” Contest are? :)

Cleophas Aug 04 2012 00:19
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Any possibilities we’ll be able to release our pets w/o them being unconscious? I vote for that!

Xzzwxs Aug 04 2012 00:23
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Also, is there a way to go back to the old forum views on mobiles? I rather preferred the old way. As an option, of course, hold your hate mail. :)

Nuanen Aug 04 2012 00:45
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Xzzwxs: Just hit ‘standard view’ at the bottom of the page in the forums. :)

Quetzcatlipoca Aug 04 2012 02:43
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I just got a stripeless zebra for my new pet…

StarDancer Aug 04 2012 03:40
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Where can we find a list of new pets? I’d like to see the new additions! :)

GLRYRDR Aug 04 2012 06:33
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Thanx for the update! “Join The Wesley Crushers guild”

Elfen Aug 04 2012 07:50
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Cool! I can’t wait to see the new pets!!

Miss SixthSatan Aug 04 2012 08:24
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Mobile forums are great! I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the forums and seen the changes the other day.

MasterOfShadows Aug 04 2012 10:04
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Great stuff again, guys! Keep going!

Chuck998 Aug 04 2012 12:03
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Thank goodness you’re back, I was starting to get the shakes.

Maelaki Aug 04 2012 14:18
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Nice to have new pets. But I’m stuck with a Rocky raccoon I can’t get rid of… :-(

Asddgghkl Aug 04 2012 16:09
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I like the new mobile forum view. Thanks.

Smiley77060 Aug 04 2012 23:11
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Is there a way to switch back to the old forum view? The new one is pretty and all but, the old one was a little faster and wasn’t as frustrating to operate. Just sayin.

Nicosa Aug 04 2012 23:15
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What are the new pets?

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