Seasonal Spookiness

Godville, Oct 29 2022

Ghostly greetings, fearsome gods and goddesses!

The annual Halloween Festival is here, so it’s time for spooky stuff. Let’s welcome:

  • undead monsters — they need to be killed twice and they’ll drop special loot, including…
  • glowing pumpkins — these are free to activate and can occasionally turn into really valuable things
  • pumpkinezed artifacts — these things have emojis, which instantly makes them popular among zoomers and traders

There are also two new eerie things:

  • the mysterious Ghost Town (conveniently located at the 13th milestone) is now obscuring the diaries while heroes are inside.
  • a new kind of beastie in the seas that is so enormous and dangerous that it can be seen right from the start. It also has a manimal or fenimal, so sail ahead if you dare.

The spooky event will last for the next three days — aside from the new beastie, which will stay for a fortnight.

New Sail Stuff
Speaking of seas, let’s welcome two new sail variations:

  • lighthouses that emit long and narrow light beams instead of the usual (and boring) circles;
  • a sea with lots of mostly harmless vortexes — one can use them as randomized shortcuts.

New Bosses Ability
There is a new ability for bosses — decoying. Decoying boss spawns multiple dummies during the fight – they are harmless, but good enough to deceive heroes and attract their strikes.

Hope these new additions will add more fun to the eerie feast. Happy Haunting!

Comments (53)
Brinjal 6 Oct 29 2022 14:35

Exciting stuff! I’ll enjoy some tricks and treats! Thanks for keeping the game going with new content, devs!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Oct 29 2022 14:43

Totally Awesome.

Coolbp5 4 Oct 29 2022 14:59

I’m excited for the spooks! Thank you!

Spirit of Tzahal Oct 29 2022 15:10

Brilliant as always. Happy Halloween, devs and community!

Stickyorder 6 Oct 29 2022 15:11

So cool! 😁🎉

Jimbob65 6 Oct 29 2022 15:28

This looks like all various kinds of fun with sailing and bosses especially. Ghost Town is a fun idea too. Looking forward to it.

Olem 4 Oct 29 2022 16:31

Awesome! Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks devs! 🎃❤️

Bibliophile Oct 29 2022 17:08

Thanks for continuing to add new variety to the game. Looking forward to a weekend of Halloween spookiness.

Thirteenth Flower 4 Oct 29 2022 18:30

This is awesome! Sailing is going to be alot more fun now! 🎃

Cham Almighty 6 Oct 29 2022 20:39

What fabulous additions, so imaginative and fun! Thank you!!!

Thudeospot Oct 29 2022 20:53

Thanks for the updates devs! Really appreciate it.
Looking forward for you guys to keep up adding phrases and other stuffs into the game. Also I await, for the ideas in ideabox to be taken in.

Happy Halloween 🎃

Auwall Oct 29 2022 22:06

Thanks again Devs!

Happy Halloween!

Hyt4yhu 6 Oct 29 2022 22:23

Thanks, spooky devs 🎃👻💀

Raven 6 Oct 30 2022 01:29

You’re all so awesome!

Andy-Roo 4 Oct 30 2022 01:53

Genuine thanks for keeping the game going 👍🏻

Thorbjoern 6 Oct 30 2022 01:42

Happy halloween

Back Door Breach Oct 30 2022 04:27

Awesome! Happy Halloween everyone!

Tom28281 Oct 30 2022 06:38

Happy Halloween!!!

Anubits Oct 30 2022 10:18

Superb! Many thanks for the hard work 🎃👻👾🐍

Millinile Oct 30 2022 12:17

Nice Updates! Happy Halloween Everyone! 🎃👻

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