Seasonal Spookiness

Godville, Oct 29 2022

Ghostly greetings, fearsome gods and goddesses!

The annual Halloween Festival is here, so it’s time for spooky stuff. Let’s welcome:

  • undead monsters — they need to be killed twice and they’ll drop special loot, including…
  • glowing pumpkins — these are free to activate and can occasionally turn into really valuable things
  • pumpkinezed artifacts — these things have emojis, which instantly makes them popular among zoomers and traders

There are also two new eerie things:

  • the mysterious Ghost Town (conveniently located at the 13th milestone) is now obscuring the diaries while heroes are inside.
  • a new kind of beastie in the seas that is so enormous and dangerous that it can be seen right from the start. It also has a manimal or fenimal, so sail ahead if you dare.

The spooky event will last for the next three days — aside from the new beastie, which will stay for a fortnight.

New Sail Stuff
Speaking of seas, let’s welcome two new sail variations:

  • lighthouses that emit long and narrow light beams instead of the usual (and boring) circles;
  • a sea with lots of mostly harmless vortexes — one can use them as randomized shortcuts.

New Bosses Ability
There is a new ability for bosses — decoying. Decoying boss spawns multiple dummies during the fight – they are harmless, but good enough to deceive heroes and attract their strikes.

Hope these new additions will add more fun to the eerie feast. Happy Haunting!

Comments (53)
Goldzilla Oct 29 2022 11:56

Thanks Devs for the new update!

Sniper404 6 Oct 29 2022 12:00

Nice, great update again devs!!

Hershey Almighty 6 Oct 29 2022 12:03

Thanks devs! Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻

Ancelton Oct 29 2022 12:03

Thank you!

Pastie Oct 29 2022 12:06


Cat-astroph Oct 29 2022 12:08

Thank you for continously providing reasons to stay :)

Sophie The Woo 4 Oct 29 2022 12:20

Thank you for the update! 🍻

WardPhoenix 4 Oct 29 2022 12:21

Yeah! Interesting things again!

Godonetwothree Oct 29 2022 12:21

Woooooooooooo! Thank you 👻

Wawajabba 4 Oct 29 2022 12:23

Fun stuff, thanks!!

Orgm 4 Oct 29 2022 12:25

Thanks for the sailing updates.

Mannivu Oct 29 2022 12:43

These updates look awesome and very fun. Thank you, devs!

TaiJuan 6 Oct 29 2022 12:46

Thanks, Devs. Seems like you guys never take a day off. Constantly evolving the game. Thumbs up!

S624 5 Oct 29 2022 12:49

New sail stuff, much appreciated. That new beastie was a tense fight.

Kele Oct 29 2022 13:01

Amazing update like usual, appreciate the love for the sailing mechanics too. You’re all always on top of the updates! Thank you.

Hankvi Guidza 4 Oct 29 2022 13:16

Thanks for the tricks and treats!

Ruby Princess 4 Oct 29 2022 13:17

Happy Halloween 🎃

Recliner 4 Oct 29 2022 13:51

Always fun. Thank you!

Nebelous Oct 29 2022 14:02

Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy it with your family and friends

Octavia221 Oct 29 2022 14:06

Oo emojis. Thank you for another chilling update. 🎃

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