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Godville, Jul 13 2022

Greetings, dear gods and goddesses! As usual, we have some exciting news.

New Side Jobs
Please welcome two new kinds of side jobs. The first one should be a no-brainer for the heroes as it only requires writing in the diary. The second one rewards finding boss parts, which can be found in various places — from dungeons and mini-quests to fishing.

New Bosses Ability
For the first time in years bosses gained a new abilityсhipping. These guys can chip away bits of the heroes equipment, dealing it some damage and lowering its level. Besides making bosses more varied, it could also come in handy for equipment side jobs.

Lots of New Phrases
Once again the time has come to sort out Ideabox submissions. We’ve been doing just that for the last few weeks, plowing through half of the Ideabox sections. And we’ve just added hundreds — seven hundreds, to be precise — new phrases for diary, duels and dungeons. Thanks to everyone involved!

Reworked Ideabox Form
We also reworked the idea submission form. Firstly, before sending a phrase you can now select the phrase type — this will help ER-editors in voting and improve the idea’s chances to be accepted. Secondly, now there are phrase examples — just like in ER. Third, you might get some tips in a submit popup. Fourth, the form now has quick links to Ideabox guidelines and common variables list. All these are optional, but we hope they will be helpful.

Apps Improvements
The game’s mobile apps have been updated (Android, iOS). Beside the above mentioned new Ideabox form, there is also a new search feature: use search box on the Friends screen to find any god (not just friends) by their name. Finally, the old Mini-remote on iOS is now more visible and handy.

Comments (56)
Cotzbalam 6 Jul 13 2022 14:39

I think it’s a great idea to add phrase type to the Ideabox form. It will likely require submitters to put more thought into use cases for their ideas.

Looking forward to see all the new phrases in the game! Thanks devs!

Jimbob65 6 Jul 13 2022 15:17

As always, thanks for the QoL improvements and new content. Been enjoying some of that already, even.
Looking forward to the new side jobs, and never have I been so excited for equipment damage.

Orgm 4 Jul 13 2022 15:17

Chipping boss ability will be very handy for the side quest! This is another great addition to the game.

Christian777 Jul 13 2022 16:24

Thank you.

Ab-Ashanti 4 Jul 13 2022 17:12

Thanks for always improving the game, for never allowing it to stagnate. It remains a daily source of fun … thank-you!

Agabadon Jul 13 2022 17:51

That’s great, thank you!

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 Jul 13 2022 17:58

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! Please know your hard work is very much appreciated! Thank you again!

Spirit of Tzahal Jul 13 2022 18:23

Great stuff! Thank you as always for your continued dedication to Godville, devs!

Keleios 6 Jul 13 2022 18:59

Fantastic thanks Devs! I love how you keep updating with GOOD updates, sometimes even just small ones instead of waiting forever and dumping them on us at once.

Hershey Almighty 6 Jul 13 2022 19:00

Looking forward to seeing the new features!

Cowabungallow 4 Jul 13 2022 19:10

Wonderful updates! The chipping boss in particular is an elegant solution to the slower equipment changes at higher levels!

Auwall Jul 13 2022 19:31

Thanks for the effort!

Thirteenth Flower 4 Jul 13 2022 19:40

New update yay!!!! Gotta look out for those new entries 👁👄👁

Kele Jul 13 2022 19:41

Always gotta appreciate the love this game still gets. Thank you for the regular and wonderful updates. :3

Jimbob64 6 Jul 13 2022 21:17

On reflection, I don’t like the new ideabox feature that lets you submit the category of your content- I love that feature. After years of having to use the description field for that, we now have this official option to hopefully make the review of ideas even more convenient.

Olem 4 Jul 13 2022 22:47

Best Devs in the world!!! Thank you!

Talissa 6 Jul 13 2022 23:25

More awesomeness from the devs! Thanks!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Jul 14 2022 01:09

Always fresh and exciting. Thanks devs.

Raven 6 Jul 14 2022 01:15

Thanks for all your continuing work!

The One-Beyond-All Jul 14 2022 01:58

Hehe… another update!!

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