Happy 12th

Godville, May 10 2022

Hey, you know that today is a special day, right?

Twelve (12!) years ago Godville opened its doors to everyone looking for lazy adventures and occasional giggles. Back then we couldn’t even imagine how it would all pan out, but apparently you – gods – liked it.

Today our heroes are adventuring up and below the ground, over the seas and even venture into less tangible dimensions. We sure hope it won’t stop there and there will be even more interesting things for heroes and their deities to enjoy.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support from our incredible community of Godville gods. Constant influx of ideas and feedback from you is what keeps the game interesting and fresh – even after 12 years. Thank you all!

Moving on to the more practical part. First of all, make sure to congratulate your hero with a godvoice to get a festive pack of godpower charges. Use godpower capacitor (while not in a duel) to get another bonus. Be on the lookout for the special anniversary monsters gleaming with godpower. Do that for the next 3 days to keep this party going.

Let the celebration begin! Feel free to congratulate everyone in the comments. There is no special bonus for this, just the good vibes for us all.

Happy 12th, everyone!

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Blue Mask May 11 2022 12:44

Blessed be the 12 year anniversary! Here’s to 12 more!

Lolu May 11 2022 16:44

Wow! I didn’t realize it’d been that long. Yay! Congrats!

Confuzn 4 May 11 2022 17:52

I love you guys I’ve been here for over a decade, and I still check up on my guy. Love everything that you guys have done and I really appreciate this game and it’s made some really lasting friendships.

Spirit of Tzahal May 11 2022 19:06

Another year, another celebration. Happy birthday, Godville! May we all be here to celebrate the 20th anniversary as well.

Charles The Divine May 11 2022 20:18

Omg I share a birthday with Godville. I’m so honored.

Cassia Rainsonne 4 May 11 2022 23:26

Happy Anniversary Godville! Thanks for 12 years of adventures 🎉

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 May 12 2022 04:45

Thank you Ville! I haven’t been with you for twelve years but the three years for my hero and I have been great! Thank you developers and everyone else! GODVILLE FOREVER!!! GOD SQUAD FOREVER!!!

Allaiance 4 May 12 2022 07:23

Happy 12, everyone! Thank you administrators and developers for keeping this game alive and interesting for everyone’s enjoyment.

Alfz May 12 2022 11:42

Happy 12th Godville!!! 🤯

Knippschd May 12 2022 14:54

I wonder how it was at that time. I’m imagining a simpler landscape but still very exciting and fun 😄 Thank you for creating this game! Its such a treat to open it and read the hilarious weapons and narration going on. It feels great to know that the storylines and names were suggested by smart and funny people around the world.

REDyota May 12 2022 15:18

Nice 12 years is a long time… Long live godville

Arapethia 4 May 13 2022 16:08

My hero is 11 yrs 7 months. Only game I’ve ever hung onto. Congrats on your anniversary!

Odorikomi no Mikoto May 15 2022 05:06

We share a birthday. So 10/5/2010? Godville is a Taurus. Makes sense… Anyone ever do your chart?

Infe May 15 2022 08:19

Late, but happy 12th year Anniversary Godville!

Rose8 May 15 2022 23:09

I’m a bit later but, happy anniversary Godville!

Alanais May 16 2022 03:02

A little late, but happy 12 years!! Well done!

Dante Leonidas 6 May 16 2022 10:36

I’ve been playing this for 10 years and 7 months according to my hero’s age. I’ve seen so many changes over the year that have just made the game better and better. Congratulations on the 12 year anniversary and I hope there’s many more years to come.

Tailyn May 18 2022 01:24

Happy twelve years, from behalf of the semi reclusive dieties

He without a name May 18 2022 19:27


Celestia The Divine May 21 2022 16:16

This game is amazing keep up the good work and congrats for the 12 years

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