Happy 12th

Godville, May 10 2022

Hey, you know that today is a special day, right?

Twelve (12!) years ago Godville opened its doors to everyone looking for lazy adventures and occasional giggles. Back then we couldn’t even imagine how it would all pan out, but apparently you – gods – liked it.

Today our heroes are adventuring up and below the ground, over the seas and even venture into less tangible dimensions. We sure hope it won’t stop there and there will be even more interesting things for heroes and their deities to enjoy.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support from our incredible community of Godville gods. Constant influx of ideas and feedback from you is what keeps the game interesting and fresh – even after 12 years. Thank you all!

Moving on to the more practical part. First of all, make sure to congratulate your hero with a godvoice to get a festive pack of godpower charges. Use godpower capacitor (while not in a duel) to get another bonus. Be on the lookout for the special anniversary monsters gleaming with godpower. Do that for the next 3 days to keep this party going.

Let the celebration begin! Feel free to congratulate everyone in the comments. There is no special bonus for this, just the good vibes for us all.

Happy 12th, everyone!

Comments (133)
Rolyart 4 May 10 2022 23:49

Happy B-day!!! And thanks!!!

Eclipselumine May 11 2022 00:09

Happy birthday day!!!! :D
Still a bit confused with the hero thing but I’ll surely have fun and know about it

Aramen 4 May 11 2022 00:18

Happy Birthday!

RussleJimJams May 11 2022 00:37

Happy birthday Godville!

Orgm 4 May 11 2022 00:57

Happy GV Aniv!

All Mighty Joyce 6 May 11 2022 01:31

Thanks for 12 years of fun.

Yutopianist May 11 2022 01:51

Happy Godville Day!

Splendiferous Silvis May 11 2022 03:13

Thank you. Truly.

Lunarea May 11 2022 04:00

Thank you for making such a wonderful game! Congratulations for the 12th year anniversary!

Ilthius May 11 2022 04:34

It’s been 12 years huh. Well I hope everyone enjoy Playing this game with me

Phersphiese May 11 2022 05:13

Happy 12th!

Heop 4 May 11 2022 05:49

Twenty More.. :)

Emme G May 11 2022 06:34

Happy 12th year Godvill-ians!

Dexterthealmighty May 11 2022 06:34

Congrats on the 12th!

Auwall May 11 2022 08:11

Happy 12th!

Nebelous May 11 2022 08:50

Happy 12th anniversary…heroes! 💪

The Screaming Brain May 11 2022 09:45

Happy happy 12 years!

The One-Beyond-All May 11 2022 11:30

Happy 12th 🥳

Afiro D Siach 5 May 11 2022 11:31

To 12 years!

Agabadon May 11 2022 12:19

Congratulations! Happy 12!

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