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Godville, Oct 28 2021

Halloween Event
Halloween is around the corner, so get ready to be startled for the next few days! All the spooky things are here โ€“ profitable pumpkinezed๐ŸŽƒ loot, risen monsters, hungry tribbles and other eeriness. Don’t miss the valuable glowing pumpkins: your hero’s job is to get them, your job is to smash them.

New Pets
Rejoice, pet lovers, because the annual batch of new pets has just arrived. Here is the list: Velcrow (18+), Pack Rat (45+), Gnomewrecker (60+), Starfish Trooper (75+), Frog of War (95+), Lightning Colt (115+), Vogon Poet (125+), Undercover Elephant (140+).

As usual, if you want to suggest an in-game monster for a petโ€™s job, feel free to send it in via Ideabox โ€˜otherโ€™ section. The next batch is imminent – sooner or later.

Content Refreshments
Once again, we took a deep dive into the never-ending stockpile of Ideabox submissions and sorted out the most promising ones. Hope you enjoy the five hundred new phrases – for the diary, duels and newspaper – that are now in the game. Thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Small Touches

  • Explosive bosses now mark their intention to blow up with ๐Ÿ”ฅ sign – should be easier to grasp the moment and finish off the beast before it goes off. The same is true for Sneaky bosses – their countdown phrases now have โฑ symbol.
  • Godville apps for Android and iOS have been updated recently. Besides the regular maintenance fixes, you can now send longer godvoices – up to 120 characters. Should be especially useful for poems.

Happy Halloween!

Comments (28)
Shineybitz Oct 29 2021 07:57

Yay! Higher godvoice limits. Definitely gonna see some better poetry come across the diaries now!

All Mighty Joyce 4 Oct 29 2021 12:26

Thanks !

Ab-Ashanti ๅบ™่ˆŸ็•œ Oct 29 2021 16:35

Longer Godvoices?
Let the creativity begin!
New content is ALWAYS a buzz … thanx for working to keep the game fresh, and making the players truly feel the collaboration ๐Ÿ’œ

Mr Da Man Oct 29 2021 22:17

Nice job Devs๐Ÿ‘. Keep up the good work!

Cowabungallow 4 Oct 30 2021 04:49

I love the special events! Thanks for having them—appreciate the extra effort they must entail!

Luminya ๅบ™็•œ Oct 30 2021 08:44

I like that you keep adding content to the game, but why did you remove the search function on the godwiki? How are we supposed to find the daily monsters when we can only search on the main page instead of in the whole wiki? Please fix it or put it back like it was before!

Masoreshi ๅบ™่ˆŸ็•œ Oct 30 2021 11:06

The pumpkins are such a helpful item getting gopher wood

Odyssa ๅบ™ Oct 30 2021 13:21

I’m so late with this but thank you for new goodies!

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