Godville, Jun 15 2021

Dear deities, are you thirsty for some news? Today we have half a dozen to unpack:

  1. From now on, heroes will mark their responses to godvoces with a ➥ sign. It’s quite notable and handy.
  2. Remember the April 1st side job to “fail a side job”? Yes, the one that required to do absolutely nothing. It’s back and here to stay.
  3. Some of the looting pets tamed last fall are about to reach level 30. This milestone gives them a unique ability to occasionally turn stuff in the hero’s inventory bold.
  4. A new auxiliary quest for dungeons — to find a treasury using a limited number of direction god voices.
  5. Good news for guilds: electing a leader should be easier with lowered election thresholds. From now on, it takes only 20% of eligible votes or just 30 votes for big guilds.
  6. Like the spirit of healthy competition? Check out Godville Olympics — a big community-organized contest that covers all of the Godville adventures from Arena to Datamines (with a separate division for AFK players). Signups are open till June 18th.
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Enzuna 5 Jun 15 2021 17:29

Looks like Pineapple the Hamburglar is going to get even more interesting soon! Well… in a few months, anyway.

Cham Almighty 6 Jun 15 2021 19:39

Fabulous enhancements … and one more reason never to let go of my Unbearable Grizzly :)

Thanks for always keeping Godville fresh and interesting, guys!

ThyDude 4 Jun 15 2021 19:59

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the election change will make it harder for us than easier (going from 5 votes needed to 6.6 votes needed). Any chance of incorporating an active user count in there so guild members who never login aren’t counted toward the threshold required to win an election?

Bepop 4 Jun 16 2021 00:03


Haveacookie Jun 16 2021 10:06

Good stuff, very good stuff.

Siiil Jun 16 2021 16:14

Cool news 😎 Thanks for all 🎇!🎆!🎇

Spirit of Tzahal Jun 17 2021 10:06

Thank you once again, dear devs!

Ace-One Jun 17 2021 15:52


That Greek Guy Jun 20 2021 22:22

Pretty poggers ngl

Turrin Toorinbarr Jun 20 2021 23:58

Thank you

Cinisi 6 Jun 24 2021 11:24


Demteus 4 Jul 31 2021 04:11

Loving the updates

Newsletter Aug 27 2021 04:50


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