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Godville, Dec 21 2019

Let’s continue from where we left off with a present for the “warriors of pen and paper”. Welcome the Pantheon of Wordcraft — a place to compare the progress of the next major goal.

Now for the main part. Right around the Day X in late December, also known as Christmas, cold and dense air gets filled with holiday spirit and magic. First of all, it’s time of snowflakes (❄). A hero can get one from a special Christmas reindeer, fish it out or loot it. This peculiar thing is actually useful. Traders pay real gold for it. A god can sneak one and use it as a wildcard in the Bingo game. Also, four or five snowflakes crumbled together in the inventory make… a snowman, which the hero can then valiantly fight and even get some festive loot.

Second, some quick news from snow-covered fields. Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are leaving their warm dens to deliver spirit and presents for all (btw, It’s the only time of the year when these could be tamed as pets). In a few hours from now a well-known festive town of Laplandville will be ready to open its doors. Famous for its holiday offers, discounts and other bonuses, it proudly welcomes all the customers just a couple milestones away from the Godville itself.

Finally, there are presents. These are traditional Christmas activatables that yield some good stuff, including gold bricks, gopher wood, manimals, chunks of XP for your champion or godpower boost for you. A hero should get them by himself — just peek into his loot bag from time to time. Btw, there is a sure way to get present – just play Bingo in Godville Times.

The fest will last till Jan 2. Happy Holidays!

Comments (32)
Vemego 4 Dec 21 2019 11:01

🎄🍰🍷, !!!!⛄❄🌝 !!!!

Burd3n 4 Dec 21 2019 11:09

Happy holidays everyone!

Hairplug4men 6 Dec 21 2019 12:14

Happy holidays to all of Godville! Giving us a new Pantheon is a great gift :-). Looking forward to finishing the year and seeing what 2020 has in store for us!

Oh Great Guy 5 Dec 21 2019 12:20

Awesome ! Thanks for the Christmas Spirit !!

Ich Krieg Dec 21 2019 12:21

Happy Holidays 💗👏👏💲💸 🌃🌉🌎🎆🎆🎇🎉🎊🎂🎄🎁🎁🎋🎶🎤📷📹🍻🍕🍝🍟🍔🍮🍲 🍎🍋🍊🍏🍇🍒🍈🍉🍍Enjoy 😊😊

Elantien Dec 21 2019 12:23

✨ Yeah ! Happy holiday and christmas everyone 🎅⛄❄ !
Thanks for this beautiful event ! ✨

Spirit Of Knowing 6 Dec 21 2019 13:19

Happy holidays! Thanks for the pleasant gifts. Good luck to you all!

Dellie 4 Dec 21 2019 13:29

Awesome! Happy Holidays, Godville. 🎉

XoT3K 5 Dec 21 2019 13:40

WooHoo! Happy Holidays @all,

Jimbob64 6 Dec 21 2019 13:55

Happy holidays to you too, generous devs!

Bust It Baby 6 Dec 21 2019 15:05

Happy holidays devs and everyone!

All Mighty Joyce 5 Dec 21 2019 16:03

I can’t wait to get a new pet! Thanks guys!

Cotzbalam 5 Dec 21 2019 16:32

Thank you devs! It’s funny that I’ve been playing godville for so many years now that this is now literally a Christmas tradition I look forward to! :^)

Weise Socke 4 Dec 21 2019 17:36

Thank you, sounds amazing 👍🏻

Augnoramous 5 Dec 21 2019 18:55


Divinicus Mortalus 4 Dec 21 2019 18:59

Awesome as always! Merry Early Christmas!

Thorbjoern 5 Dec 21 2019 20:48

Merry Christmas and Happy Hogswatch

The Veryself 5 Dec 21 2019 20:57

Happy holidays! By the way, will we see Laplandville this year?

Chinese Wolf 6 Dec 22 2019 04:05

Happy holidays! Looking forward to 2020!

Aljian Dec 22 2019 05:12

Well then, time to eat yellow snow.

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